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Data and standard data formats

Today the neccessary data for PCB manufacture exists in electronic form and is sent by e-mail. Gerber files and Excellon drill files has become the industry standard data formats but during the years we have manufactured PCBs from a number of odd formats when needed.

Other data formats

Transfer of data

The easiest and fastest way is by e-mail, many of our local customers bring their files by USB memory. Some years ago we got CD-ROM and PC floppy but such have become rare


Master board. Especially when spare parts are needed there may be no files left. We have the capability to make the layout from a master board or circuit diagram. If some part of the data is lost, drill file or solder mask, we add missing data together with the customer. We save all data during at least 5 years. In case of repeated orders there is no need to resend data

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